Watch Giselle Ballet, Making of a Tutu (Weekly Digest: May 29)

Hope everyone has been having a good week! Here is our weekly digest of activities of dance for you! Enjoy!

Of interest

Making of a tutu – from The National Ballet of Canada

The Guggenheim Museum commissions artists from variety of genres

The Guggenheim Museum is announcing new virtual commissions of Works & Process Artists every Sunday and Monday. See the full set of virtual commissions (so far) on their YouTube channel.

Tap workshop with Syncopated Ladies

Watch live on Instagram on June 4, 2020!


Shirley Temple: The Littlest Rebel (~2 minutes)

Savion Glover, Cid Glover & Dormeshia Sumbry Tap Dance (~5 minutes)


Dance and Lighting – Pilobolus (~6 minutes)

This is a class video that includes:

1) a warm up that you can do at home (with similar aspects to our class warmup); and,

2) a phrase that you can do at home (a few sections with an array of levels). The first section you can do even if you don’t have very much dance space in your home! 

You may want to challenge yourself and learn sections that are a bit more advanced. However, by no means do you need to do the phrase as fast as they do!

Use music that you like, take the tempo YOU need, and enjoy the flow of it!

Intermediate Contemporary Dance (~15 minutes)


Animal Freeze Dance by Ms. Olga, for Level 2 (~3 minutes)

Animal Freeze Dance by Ms. Olga for Ballet Rox
Watch Animal Freeze Dance (via DropBox)

Giselle (full length ballet, 1 hour 45 minutes)


Stretching for kids (~5 minutes)

Count to Ten Stretches (~3 minutes)

Hip Hop

Level 2/3 Kids bop dance along (~34 minutes)

Level 4/5  Hip hop dance tutorial (~8 minutes)

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