Starting our year off virtually

Students in costumes line up behind Olga.

Hello Dear BalletRox Families!

We would like to welcome you back to the new season of learning and dancing with us!

You might have heard that BPS has postponed indefinitely their coming back phase due to a higher than 4% rate of infection right now. This is what they have on their website: “The city’s seven-day average COVID-19 positive test rate was reported at 5.7%, an increase from last week’s rate of 4.5%. Students will remain in remote learning until there are two full weeks of falling infection rates.”

As difficult as it was to make the decision, we, at BalletRox, follow the BPS guidelines and will start our classes also remotely on November 7th. Once the rate goes down to 4% and stays that way for two weeks we will make the decision when to reopen in person and hybrid model as planned previously.

As this is not what we all expected, having received so much positive feedback and excitement of returning to classes in person, let us reassure you that we will continue providing quality instruction to your children via remote learning now and later on in person when it will be safe to do so! With the new tech equipment, such as a new computer, a wide screen monitor, wireless headphones, we are confident that the online instruction for the time being would be a solid base for all of us to come back and learn together!

For those of you who have not registered yet, please submit your registration still indicating whether you’ll take class in person or online, so that when we are back in the studio we can plan accordingly and know which students are coming back in person and which will continue online. 


Olga Marchenko